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Introducing DIRTEA and The Power of Functional Mushrooms

Introducing DIRTEA and The Power of Functional Mushrooms

For thousands of years fungi have been celebrated in Eastern medicine, like the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) due to a myriad of benefits that lie within them. 

Today, science is rediscovering all the goodness we can obtain from these mushrooms. We are only on the edge of understanding the healing power of mushrooms; even some of the most common conventional medicines, like penicillin, are produced using fungi as a key component. Precisely for these reasons, at a time when health and wellness are becoming a priority, functional mushrooms have started to take centre stage, with DIRTEA leading the cause. 

DIRTEA provides the purest and most potent organic mushroom powder extracts from 100% bodies. They are dual extracted, so you can guarantee you are gaining all the quality and goodness from these mushrooms. 

What are Mushrooms? 

Before we go further, let’s understand what functional mushrooms are. Fungi are spore producing organisms that have been around for approximately a billion years, and mushrooms are the fruiting body of a fungus. Think of it as the fungus is the tree's root, and  mushrooms are the apple of the tree. From hundreds of thousands of mushrooms out in our  lands, func:onal mushrooms are only a few…and to date, there are approximately 14! They  are referred to as adaptogenic mushrooms for their poten:al to adapt and support the  body's stress response, support the immune system, and promote balance in various bodily  func:ons. 

DIRTEA History 

Founded by two brothers, Andrew and Simon Salter, who, for years, worked tirelessly as  entrepreneurs and struggled with stress, sleepless nights, lack of focus and burnout. They also witnessed friends and relatives go through similar unhealthy patterns, which prompted them to embark on a journey to finding preventative wellness and natural solutions to be healthier. Though they invested in and tested many holistic alternatives and approaches, such as ice baths, sound healing and meditation, nothing came close to when they discovered the power of functional mushrooms. Functional mushrooms transformed their lives in many ways, such as better sleep, heightened focus and calmness. Through this life transforming experience, they decided they wanted to spread the word to help as many people as possible…and DIRTEA was born.  

Let's unravel the captivating world of DIRTEA functional mushrooms and explore why they are gaining so much traction and transforming the landscape of holistic well-being. 

Lion’s Mane 

Lion’s Mane today is gaining attention globally for its possible brain-boosting abilities. It is known to have compounds that could possibly provide more focus.  

Historically, Lion's Mane was revered in traditional Chinese medicine and Japanese cuisine. It was considered a delicacy and prized for its potential cognitIve and digestive benefits. Nearly 2000 years ago, Shaolin Tibetan Monks would ingest Lion’s Mane to deepen the state of  their meditation. 


Due to its high antioxidant content, Chaga is lauded for its energy and immune-enhancing proper:es. One cup of Chaga powder extract amounts to 600 blueberries in antioxidants! 

Chaga has a rich history in Siberia, where it was used for centuries to support energy and vitality. It gained prominence during World War II when it was used as a coffee substitute in Finland. 


Tremella, known as the beauty mushroom, is believed to support skin hydration and elasticity, making it a popular choice in skincare and beauty products. It is practically mother nature's Hyaluronic acid! This means it may keep your skin moist and smooth. 

Tremella has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its potential health and beauty benefits. For many years, it was used to help support immune health. 

In the Tang Dynasty, they would refer to Tremella mushroom as the ‘fountain of youth’. A young consort named Yang Guifei believed to be the most beautiful woman in Chinese history, acclaimed her beauty thanks to her consistent use of Tremella. 


Reishi supplements are known for their ability to support you into a calm state and promote better sleep. It is best known as a ‘calming elixir’ or traditionally known as the ‘mushroom of immortality’ in China. The high number of triterpenes in this mushroom powder not only accounts for its bitter taste, but triterpenes may also support immune health and the nervous system, which could give you a good night's rest! 

Reishi is one of the oldest and most revered mushrooms in traditional Chinese medicine, dating back over 2,000 years. It has a long history of use for promoting health and longevity in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. 


Cordyceps is known as the ‘performance mushroom’. It has a compound called cordycepin, which may upregulate our energy levels. 

Cordyceps has traditionally been used to improve energy. Both men and women in Asia have used Cordyceps for thousands of years to keep their sexual energy. 

DIRTEA also offers super blends: DIRTEA Matcha, DIRTEA Coffee and DIRTEA Cacao, all  containing super functional mushrooms and adaptogens. These blends are a way of sharing with the world that you don’t have to have functional mushroom teas in isolation. Having it all in one cup has made it easier to elevate your experience. 

DIRTEA’s mission is not only to bring these functional mushrooms to the masses but to educate everyone on the magic of the fungi. Discover a world of wellness with DIRTEA and embrace the healing potential of functional mushrooms. Your journey to optimal well-being begins with Mother Nature’s creations.

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