The best meal delivery services for wellbeing

Written by: Eleanor Hoath


Healf Journal

Meal prep can be boring, soggy and time consuming. Don't worry, we've taken initiative, by trying and testing nationwide meal delivery services over the years with varying requirements so you don't have to.

Although meal prep services are unlikely to become as popular in 2024 as they were during lockdown - they do still have their place. Especially amongst our busy lives where we thrive to be our healthiest selves. Similarly, every one of us has an individual requirement which means that what you may want from your meal prep will often be different to the person sat opposite you at the office.

How we tested:

At Healf, we have nutritionists, ultramarathon athletes, crossfit trainers, yogis and Healf enthusiasts. However, we are also busy people building the Healf platform. Our Healf Team and our editors and writers and contributors have tested meal prep kits over the years. When testing, we ordered a week's worth of food and allocated a section based on their ingredients, nutritional standpoint, type of meal prep and the important portion size. 

The Freezer and Fridge Fill

Field Doctor

Field Doctor is a food prep company that specialises in creating nutritionally balanced, ready-to-eat meals. Focusing on various dietary needs, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based diets. Each meal is crafted by nutrition experts and chefs, ensuring high-quality, delicious, and convenient food ready to eat from the freezer. Field Doctor aims to make healthy eating accessible and hassle-free, supporting individuals in maintaining a balanced diet without compromising on taste or nutrition.

Why it’s Healf - no added, unnecessary ingredients and seed oil free!

Detox Kitchen

Detox Kitchen's Fridge Fills option offers a convenient solution for healthy eating with a variety of nutritionally balanced, ready-to-eat meals. These meals are designed to fit into busy lifestyles, providing fresh, delicious options free from wheat, dairy, and refined sugars. The service focuses on ‘filling your fridge’ - literally with ingredients that are natural and wholesome.

Why it’s Healf - a revolving and different menu with each delivery ensures variety for your tastebuds and your gut bugs.

Good Prep

Good Prep focuses on providing active individuals and gym-goers with healthy, ready-to-eat meals. Their meals are designed by professional chefs and nutritionists to support fitness goals like muscle gain, fat loss, and performance enhancement. Using fresh, high-quality ingredients, Good Prep offers a variety of balanced, protein-rich options that cater to dietary needs and preferences. Their convenient delivery service ensures that gym enthusiasts have access to nutritious meals that help optimise their workout results and overall health.

Oscar’s favourite - “Very flavourful meals that are nutrient dense with great volume, meaning I stayed full all day

The balanced, healthy plate

POW Foods

POW Food have recently launched a new programme, designed by nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr. The beautifully branded company uses sustainably sourced, high-quality ingredients to create delicious, nutrient-dense dishes. Tailored for busy professionals and health-conscious individuals, POW Food offers a variety of meal plans catering to different dietary needs and preferences. Their service emphasises both convenience and superior nutrition, helping customers maintain a balanced diet with ease while supporting sustainable and ethical food practices.

Why it’s Healf - Each meal has been designed with longevity at the heart of each mouthful. Delivered frozen and to be enjoyed daily.

Green Chef

You can still cook - Green Chef offers organic meal kits that simplify healthy eating with pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. The recipe box service offers 6 diet options to choose from each week. With meals designed to fit busy lifestyles, Green Chef enables customers to enjoy nutritious, chef-inspired dishes at home, making it easier to maintain a balanced diet and support overall wellbeing.

Mindful Chef

Keep cooking - Mindful Chef ensures healthy meal kits always feature fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients with a particular focus on gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free recipes. As their name suggests, Mindful Chef are mindful. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, they promote a healthier lifestyle while supporting local farmers and minimising environmental impact.

Why they’re Healf - the power of cooking should not be underestimated. Digestion really begins when you cook your food and get your digestive system excited.


Focusing on chef-crafted meals are 100% plant-based, using natural ingredients without additives or preservatives. All Plants emphasis on variety and flavour with globally inspired dishes that cater to different dietary needs. Each meal is pre-prepared for quick reheating, ensuring hassle-free enjoyment.

Why it’s Healf - A plant-powered option, All Plants makes it easy for customers to adopt a plant-based diet while promoting environmental consciousness.

Fuelling performance

Fresh Fitness Food

As the name suggests, Fresh Fitness Food provides tailored meal plans designed specifically for active individuals and gym-goers. Focusing on optimising performance and recovery, their meals are crafted by chefs and nutritionists. With emphasis on quality ingredients to support muscle gain, fat loss, and overall fitness goals. Each meal plan has customisable options based on individual calorie and macronutrient needs and then delivered to your door twice per week to optimise freshness.

Why it’s Healf - we know the importance of MOVE, but we also know why we need to recover well with EAT. The mission of Fresh Fitness Food.

Detox Kitchen 

The sister company to FFF, Detox Kitchen offers cleansing programs designed to reset and rejuvenate. Using nutritious, whole-food ingredients, these programs are crafted to support detoxification and promote overall wellbeing by eliminating processed foods and focusing on fresh, organic ingredients.

The Detox Kitchen cleanses are tailored to provide essential nutrients while supporting digestion and boosting energy levels.

Eleanor’s choice - “...their cleanses are convenient, ensuring a seamless experience for those looking to cleanse and nourish their bodies effectively without restriction. I recently did their one off Hormone Balance plan and it was wonderful”.


Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole excels in providing organic produce and groceries, sourced directly from local farms committed to sustainable practices. Their offerings include a wide range of fresh, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and pantry staples, ensuring superior taste and nutritional value. By supporting organic farming, Abel & Cole not only prioritises health but also contributes to the preservation of ecosystems and supports ethical food production methods.

Why it’s Healf - a one stop online shop for all your highest quality and organic produce.


Organic food is vital for health due to its avoidance of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, reducing exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Riverford Organic Farmers champions organic agriculture by delivering fresh, seasonal produce directly from their farms to customers' doors. Their commitment ensures nutrient-rich, flavorful food while supporting sustainable farming practices that prioritise soil health and biodiversity.

Why it’s Healf - with a large focus on seasonal produce, Riverford seasonal food ensures bio optimal nutrients while focusing on taste above all else, slow grown for excellent flavour.

On the go...

We know it's important to be prepared, to be seated and mindfully eating. Let us help you make a choice for when you are needing something on the go.

Urban Greens

Next level salads, the way that nature intended. Built by three friends in the corporate world who noticed that lunch options in the city were pretty limited. Taking inspiration from the Finnish culture, Urban Greens work with chefs to develop culinary excellent salads. Topped with pickles, herbs and crunch to take healthy salads to the next level.

Why it’s Healf - well, the Healf Bowl, launches soon. Designed by Healf Nutritionist Eleanor Hoath with Urban Greens leading chef - this is salad, but better.


Atis emphasises fresh, customisable salads made with high-quality, seasonal ingredients. With a range of chef-designed salads and allow customers to create their own combinations from a variety of greens, proteins, toppings, and dressings. Atis promotes healthy eating with a focus on sustainability, sourcing ingredients responsibly. Their salads are crafted to provide nutritious and flavourful options for health-conscious individuals looking for convenient and satisfying meal choices.

Why it's Healf - entirely centred around balance and moderation. Atis refuse gimmicks, fads or omissions of food groups, just thoughtful food to power the Healf team through the day or meet in the park for a picnic.

Pure - for business

Business thrives on good food. It brings teams together, fuels great ideas, and makes work a happier place to be. Food makes meetings magical, events extraordinary, and workplaces great. With their new launch ‘Food for Business’, Pure provide inspiring food for inspirational team meetings. By simplifying meal planning and preparation for events, meetings, and conferences. With a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, Pure deliver nutritious meals that enhance productivity and wellbeing. Reliable and professional, the menu is able to accommodate various dietary preferences so everyone can enjoy.

Why it’s Healf - Pure, fresh and delicious. It was the perfect way to power our latest team meeting.


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