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Shop our selection of effective aids to help you sleep through the night.


Sleep Aids

Shop our selection of effective aids to help you sleep through the night. Sleep is fundamental for a healthy life and these herbal sleep aids and smart sleep aid devices will help you get into that deep level of sleep where you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised.

These range from herbal sleep aids - like natural sleep tinctures, pillow mist and sleep sprays - through to smart sleep aid devices - like earplugs and the increasingly popular Dodow. Our collection of daily sleep aids are ideal if you are struggling to fall asleep quickly or simply need to relax after a heavy workout, strenuous yoga class or tough day at work.

As with our bath salts, aromatherapy candles and oral health products, these sleep aids have been ethically-sourced, endorsed by a panel of healthy living experts and positively by our wider community. Browse and buy online from our full range of healthy sleep aids, from leading brands including Blooming BlendsFlare Audio and HigherDOSE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can help me fall asleep?

There are a number of tips you can use to help fall asleep more quickly and easily. There are some basic sleep tips to keep in mind, such as lowering the temperature, reducing the amount of screen time right before bed, and avoiding naps during the day. Beyond this, ensuring you maintain a healthy diet and trying relaxation techniques, such as aromatherapy and yoga, can also help. You could also try using healthy herbal sleep aids, such as pillow mists.

What is the most effective natural sleep aid?

There are various natural and healthy supplements that can aid sleep. Some of the most popular - and effective - include melatonin (a hormone which strengthens your body’s sleep-wake cycles), magnesium (a mineral that helps regulate blood pressure), valerian (a herb that reduces anxiety) and lavender (an ideal herb for sleep and relaxation). Sleep aid tools to aid your breathing - such as the Dodow - can also be highly effective.

Do pillow mists work?

Forming part of your bedtime relaxation routine, pillow mists work to promote more restful sleep by inducing aromas which help to produce the hormone melatonin. When used alongside other sleep rituals, pillow mists and other natural sleep aids are an effective way to encourage your body to rest.

When should I use pillow spray?

Start by adopting a relaxing sleep routine, as pillow sprays are most effective alongside other practices such as meditative breathing and embracing a healthy diet. Use your pillow spray around 10 minutes before bed, spraying from about 25cm away. This will allow the aroma of the sleep spray to fill your room, helping you to get to sleep more quickly.