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There is nothing more healing than a good cup of tea and sometimes we need some coffee in the morning.

Tea & Coffee

There is nothing more healing than a good cup of tea and sometimes we need some coffee in the morning. Browse our range of herbal tea, coffee and vegan hot chocolate alternatives.

Shop our selection of ground coffee, organic herbal blends and natural detox tea. Our collection of herbal teas includes teas designed for detox and to help you to focus, alongside raw hot chocolate, matcha powder, ground coffee and herbal infusions.

All of our organic herbal tea products have been ethically sourced, and endorsed by our community of healthy living experts. Browse and buy online from our full range of herbal teas, coffees and blends, from leading brands including Lab Tonica, Vivo Life and Han-Chiga.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is herbal tea?

A herbal tea is a blend of different flowers, fruits, leaves or roots from an edible non-tea plant rather than a "true" tea. Due to this, herbal teas are infusions that can be made from almost any plant, with some of the most common ingredients being chamomile, ginger, and peppermint.

Are herbal teas good for you?

Just like true teas, there are many health benefits of drinking herbal teas, making them an ideal part of your healthy living routine. The antioxidants in herbal tea can prevent damage from free radicals and can help with digestion. Herbal teas can also contain ingredients and properties which help to reduce inflammation, help boost your immune system, and help to reduce stress.

Are herbal teas naturally decaffeinated?

Herbal teas are naturally caffeine free. Decaffeinated teas, on the other hand, have had their caffeine content removed. A very small number of herbs do contain caffeine (e.g. yerba mate, guayusa and yaupon) but most common herbs do not.

Is herbal tea a good source of water?

Herbal teas can be a very good source of water and a great way to stay hydrated. Alongside hydration, herbal teas have other benefits, such as containing antioxidants which can help you to stay healthy. With herbal teas being naturally caffeine free, they also don’t result in the same dehydrating effects that caffeinated drinks can.