Date 12.07.2020

A 'NYC Plant Based Advocates' Simple Health Tips

A 'NYC Plant Based Advocates' Simple Health Tips

What health means to me

Hi! I'm Tatiana Nisenboym. I live in New York City. I have a strong passion for health, fitness, and wellbeing. I believe in loving yourself every step of the way while you work toward your goalHealth is defined as the state of being free from illness or injury. To me, health is so much more than that. It is about feeling your best day in and day out. It is about having a clear mind. It is about having a purpose. It is about being happy. It is about satisfying the needs of your body. It is about being the best version of yourself you can be.

How can vitality be achieved?

Through a whole foods, plant-based diet with a regular exercise regime you ENJOY, and a positive mindset. After seeing how shifting to a plant-based diet could change my life, I decided that I wanted to share my passion with others. On my Instagram, @tatianashealth, I share my favourite health and wellness tips as well as modernised science-backed information about veganism. 

My 5 Tips To Live A Healthy Life

  1. Eat a whole foods plant-based diet.

I choose to focus my eating around high carbohydrate foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, starches and legumes. These foods not only give me amazing energy and recovery, but my body benefits from every bite I take. My hormones are always balanced, I feel satisfied after every meal, I am strong, and I stay effortlessly lean.

  1. Move your body daily.

To me, moving my body is not about burning the most calories. I find that after constant high intensity workouts, my body gets worn out. Instead, I move my body for the mental benefits. This is a one time where I can escape reality, get in my zone, and feel really good. Nothing feels better than getting a good workout in! My philosophy – choose some movement that you really enjoy, and do it every day.

  1. Surround myself with people that lift me up, not bring me down.

These people suck off on your positive vibes. When you hang out with people who share the same positive outlook of life as yours, you will see that there was a rise in your energy level and mindset. Life is too short, and should not be spent around grumpy and negative people. Instead, work on yourself and think about how you can have a positive influence on others.

  1. Learn something new every day. 

I am so big on this. So much time is wasted mindlessly scrolling on our phones. There is no information that is not useful. We, as human beings, have so much potential that we completely disregard. We have something to learn every day.

  1. Have a set routine to follow daily. 

We are creatures of habit. I personally feel stressed and overwhelmed if I do not have a schedule to adhere to. Designing a routine that works for me helps me be productive and feel in control. This creates structure in our lives, instills good habits, reduces procrastination, and makes us efficient.

Written by @tatianashealth


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