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Plant-based, keto-friendly ramen noodles from immi, high in protein and low in carbs.



Plant-based, keto-friendly ramen noodles from immi, high in protein and low in carbs.

Founded by Kevin and Kevin who grew up working alongside their families in the markets of Taiwan and Thailand, immi takes a fresh approach to reimagining our beloved culinary classics, infusing them with an extra dose of nutrition. Their primary aim is to capture that deeply satisfying ramen experience while revamping the ingredients and crafting flavours that not only make it more nutritious but just as nice as regular instant ramen.

immi's ramen lineup is rooted in plant-based ingredients, such as pumpkin seed protein, wheat gluten, modified food starch and sustainable palm oil. immi noodles are a great source of plant-based protein, enriched with ample dietary fibre and an array of essential micronutrients like vitamin K, manganese and magnesium, all complemented by a robust load of antioxidants.

High in protein, immi ramen stands out for its lower net carb and sodium levels compared to regular noodles, allowing you to relish the irresistible flavours of instant ramen while remaining healthy. As a UK stockist of immi noodles, browse the selection at healf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is immi ramen made from?

immi ramen noodles utilise the richness of pumpkin seed protein, wheat gluten and fava bean protein to create a flavour profile reminiscent of soba or buckwheat noodles. It’s a vegan-friendly choice, exclusively featuring plant-based ingredients. The essence of their recipes remains rooted in nature, drawing upon the natural flavours derived from elements found in the great outdoors.

Are immi ramen noodles healthy?

The short answer is yes, immi ramen noodles are a healthy option. Boasting an impressive nutritional profile, each serving of immi ramen packs in a generous 22 grams of protein and 18 grams of dietary fibre, all while containing a mere 6 net carbs.

Do immi noodles contain any allergens?

immi ramen does contain allergens that may make them unsuitable if you have an intolerance to gluten. All immi products incorporate non-GMO wheat as a key ingredient, ensuring that beloved, familiar chewy noodle texture remains intact. Certain flavours also include common allergens like coconut and soy, while their products are made in a factory that also processes nuts like peanuts. If you have allergies to any of these ingredients, make sure that you check the product packaging prior to consumption.