Date 12.06.2020

A 'BSc Geography Graduates' Simple Health Tips

A 'BSc Geography Graduates' Simple Health Tips

What health means for me

Hi my name is Amy I’m 22, a graduate of BSc Geography. Health to me means happiness (as cliché as that sounds). I’ve always loved exercising but since the lockdown I have been committed to making a healthier lifestyle for myself. I complete a yoga practice every morning when I wake up before work, do a workout in the afternoon and I do the 16:8 diet. I've never wanted to follow a strict diet so partaking in the 16:8 is perfect as it has trained my mind & body into healthy eating habits. I now snack a lot less when I’m not actually hungry and choose healthier things to eat.

My 5 health tips

1. ‘The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do’ - following this mantra, especially if you have a busy lifestyle, is the best thing as it reminds yourself not to be too tough and put excess pressure on yourself

2. Drink water! I aim to drink at least 2L a day, but the more the better. It can boost calories being burnt and increases metabolism. As well as looking after your skin etc

3. Take care of your mental health: partake in some yoga or ensure you go for a nice walk in nature at least once a day. This time taken for yourself is vital

4. When exercising, don’t focus only on one particular part of your body. Upper body workouts, ab & booty workouts and some cardio needs to be done! Everything balances out

5. Eat meals you can chew! By eating meals you can chew, you will feel fuller and it’s important to take your time when you are eating to aid digestion and keep a healthy gut

Written by @masseyfit_

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