Date 01.07.2020

A 'Vinyasa Yoga Teachers' Simple Health Tips

A 'Vinyasa Yoga Teachers' Simple Health Tips

What health means to me

Hi, I am Sophie, a French private yoga teacher with her own yoga brand So Supple living in London UK. I am teaching vinyasa power flow yoga, breathing sessions, meditation sessions. My niche is teaching yoga for finance professionals being an equity trader myself. I am also a career coach for university students. Staying healthy is very important for me because it makes me able to tackle all the challenges of life with success.

My 5 Health Tips

1) A good sleep
I have been a poor sleeper all my life and I’m still learning and improving on that point when I’m writing these lines. The main ingredients of a good sleep recipe are:
- a comfy quality bed
- a dark and not too hot bedroom
- a sleep only bedroom (no work)
- aiming for at least 7 hours of sleep a day
- practising relaxing activities before bedtime. My favourite when I’m alone is listening to some ASMR videos (I totally recommend back scratching videos!).

2) Yoga
Yoga is one of my top tips for a healthy life because I don’t only teach it, I practice it for myself too. The physical part of it (the poses or asana) makes it a great workout in its vinyasa form. That is a very good way to challenge your strength, your balance and your flexibility at the same time. But yoga isn’t only that. Meditation and breathing work are other parts of yoga. These arts can help you to be
more focused and feel grounded when the world goes crazy outside (covid-19… anyone?). Finally that’s another way of experiencing special sensations within your body and mind.

3) A regular daily schedule
Obviously, I’m not talking here about having every minute planned. But let’s say to have a frame for your day. In the structure that’s important to put some “off” time to be with yourself, your love ones or just to rest. And even though routine can get heavy sometimes, this is what keeps you from feeling stressed or overwhelmed. It simplifies many situations and keeps your household and yourself more grounded. Finally, it pushes you to take more decision, to be more in action and less passive in your own life so your productivity can increase dramatically!

4) A balanced diet
Not saying anything new here but yes, a good nutrition makes you a better person for yourself and for the people around especially if you are cooking for them. People are often surprised to know that food is counting more than the gym on the way of feeling better in your own shape. So, pay attention to the quality (is it fresh or not? Organic or not?), the quantity (what portion of it do I need to have a good day?) and finally treat yourself! You can have a “cheat day” once a week for instance or you can balance a heavy meal with other light dishes in a day.

5) Passion
To have a good and healthy life you need passion. What is the point to watch and maintain well a car with the best quality fuel if it is never driven? That would make no sense. Well that is the same with humans. Taking care of your body and mind is necessary but not enough. You need a vision, a purpose. This is where passion starts. You can find it anywhere and everywhere. It can be about your lover, your family and your friends. It can be an art that you master like music, dance or singing. It can be an activity that captures your gaze away from the world like sketching, painting or sewing. It can be sometimes difficult to find, and you can lose it too. But you have your whole life to find your passion so start searching and just be playful.

Written by @so.supple

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