Date 26.06.2020

A 'Cooking Loving Mum of 2' Simple Health Tips

A 'Cooking Loving Mum of 2' Simple Health Tips

What Health Means To Me

Hi my name is Roxane, I am a mother of 2. Cooking is a passion of mine. After studying nutrition at college , I got to understand a lot more about what goes on my plate. I didn't want to cook for just satisfaction but also for health and well-being of those around me. Being able to provide personalised food plans for others so they can still enjoy their favourite foods with the added benefit of learning how to eat, enjoy and being confident in their bodies is truly rewarding.

Health to me means being aware of what real food is and the benefits that comes from it and the impact it had on our health long-term rather than when we need a quick crash diet that cause more harm than good. Understanding our bodies and that nutrition needs to keep us afloat not just physically but emotionally just like the benefits of exercise. 

My 5 Health Tips

1) Physical exercise - very obvious but exercising is key to maintain not only a healthy weight but also a happy mindset . Through exercise we can strengthen our bones and joints. Exercise comes in different forms to suit all. From walking to jogging to swimming to using a two litre water bottle for weights . There's always a way to fit it in somewhere in our busy lives.

2) Foods - food plays a major part in our lives so it's important we eat the right foods more often. Essential foods to have in the cupboard are; wholemeal, can pulses/beans, extra virgin oil, turmeric and your favourite healthy snacks ready to eat so you are not tempted to indulge in junk foods. There is so much more and discovering it is always the fun part.

3) Sleeping - cultivating a healthy and regular sleeping habits at least 8/10/12 hours a day is important long term for your well-being and productivity. Switching off or putting all phones / tablets on mute makes a different and kick starts a good night rest.

4) Time with friends/family - spending time with those you care about and sharing a meal with them is a big part to being happy and making better choices. This is also very important for your emotional and mental health.

5) Quality time with you - finding time to spend with yourself will help you discover so much more about your potential , likes and dislikes . You will build confidence in your ability to self-care and decision making process. In turn you will boost your emotional, mental and physical health.

OVERALL : getting to know yourself and what you like will always help you make the right decision to benefit your health long-term.

Written by @roxane_cookery

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